the wonder dog

Our current foster dog at the Carrots & Carlos Inn is a stocky, staffy mutt who we’ve kindly nicknamed Pig. She looks like a tiny muscular hippo wearing a tuxedo. And she is one adorable little tuxedo wearing hippo at that!

Pig got a fresh start to life the day she joined our pack, and she certainly deserved one.
This little wiggly-butted fart machine was found abandoned & starving near to death, locked in a car on some property. When she arrived to the local shelter, she tested positive for heart worms & her tiny body was in very poor condition.

Before Pig & I met, we had space in our home- so I made a trip to the local animal shelter. I didn’t spend more than a few moments with her before I knew she was coming home with us. She was skinny & scarred in all the wrong places. Her hip bones protruded, her ribs looks draped in nothing but skin, she had this intense scar that wrapped around the length of her neck clearing showing a life of neglect & abuse. Her tiny body told stories of sadness. It spoke such magnitudes that I still choke back tears thinking of it…all these months later.

The beautiful thing was & remains today, although her body was broken, her spirit was strong. She possessed this energy of a beautiful old soul with stories to share, and the gentleness of a nurturing mother. Pig was happy. She was starved, abused, neglected & abandoned…but she was happy!
That’s the thing about happiness, it’s not about what you’re given- it’s about what you make of it. Pig chooses to make her existence here in this wild world a beautiful one. She demands love & is never shy in sharing it either.

The beauty is really in the way that Pig radiates her happiness, it’s in the simplicity of it all. As I write this, she lies next to me- sun bathing in the morning light flooding through the windows. She lays here awake & peaceful. Sometimes she naps & sometimes she dreams, but often she just lays. She looks on with such peace, such uninterrupted and effortless tranquility, watching the birds outside. A simple beauty- this uncomplicated, elementary ease in finding joy.
The incredible thing about Pig, is that this is the state she remains in almost all of the time. She has this cool, calm & happy persona that suggests so much wisdom in that stocky little tuxedo body. It’s really a beautiful thing to watch her flourish.

This little sweet potato has taken a great deal of patience in her emotional recovery- & of course we’re happy to provide it for her. Her mental recovery will certainly take longer than that of her physical journey, but her resiliency is fierce. Her journey in the few short months spent at the C&C Inn have proven that she is a warrior & she’s not giving up.
Pig will have a beautiful life for the rest of her days- we will make certain of it.


This little thug’s recovery will be on a long-term medical foster basis while she resides at the Inn. She will recover in the comfort of a supportive pack, and gain back the parts of her that were stolen.

Martha has reminded us of two very imperative things that come along with animal rescue.
First, she reminds us, as they all do, that it can be hard work. Period. It invites stress, sadness and frustrations into your life. It may involve poop & pee in places you don’t want it. It involves muddy floors, hairy couches & less room in the bed. It invites sleepless nights and sometimes, the worst- a heavy heart. Often, it’s when these frustrations, these inconveniences, seem to be the heaviest that these beautiful souls remind you of the second & much more important thing- it is so worth it.

To the world, saving one animal means next to nothing. But for Pig, for that one soul, saving literally meant her whole world.


We decided to make it official & signed Pig’s adoption papers on October 18th, 2018! She’ll now be a part of our pack for always.

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