The Lucy Dog

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Lucy joined our foster pack in 2017. When we first met this gentle soul, she had a large black “A” painted on each side of her abdomen. The shelter staff told us that’s typically how hunters keep track of their dogs, so it was assumed that’s where her past days were spent- however, we couldn’t know for sure as she was picked up a stray. They say when hunters find their dogs to be ‘past their prime’ or have poor performance, that often times the dogs are released so they are no longer considered a ‘problem’. Maybe Lucy was a bad hunting dog, maybe she got too old, maybe she wasn’t a hunting dog at all and the symbols represented something entirely different- we would never know.

The good news for Lucy was this…she was a rock star!
She had probably lived around 7 years, and had this gentle soul which made you feel she took great pride and appreciation in the simplest pleasures in life. She carried herself with a sense of peace which rested upon her grey muzzle. I imagine after the life she was use to, being spoiled at the C&C Inn was quite the treat.

Lucy didn’t stay long with us simply because she didn’t need to. When she met our resident dog ambassador, Megatron, she was flawless. Our resident feline, Chuck, approached her with a nose boop within moments of meeting her- which he’s never done with any other dog, ever.
She passed all the tests- cat, dog, house, potty, temperament, everything- with flying colors. We knew she would join a loving pack with ease!

Although Lucy almost certainly came from a less than ideal past, she seemed to without-hesitation understand the simplicity found in the good. She truly seemed to treasure it.

We didn’t spend a great deal of time with Lucy, but it was clear to see she would make someone a perfect companion. To no surprise, she was quickly adopted from the local animal shelter, and today I imagine she’s living her best days as a couch potato!

Live on in peace, sweet girl!


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